1.5 kg Carboncil

Brunnen Industrie is pleased to present the new “Carboncil” INSTANT charcoal, a new type of plant-based charcoal containing an ecological liquid derived from fermented plant products for easy ignition

Carboncil is ready in only 10 minutes…
and is ideal for a perfect grill!

Carboncil Gruppo Fronte-Fronte

Instant lighting

You only need a match!

It does not alter the flavour of food

It is completely natural and doesn't produce smoke


It's perfect for a last-minute barbecue.

Ideal for 5-6 people

It's the perfect solution to save time and enjoy company.


Instant lighting

Thanks to a patented natural fermentation process, Carboncil ignites instantly and is ready in only 10 minutes.

High calorific value

With a calorific value of 6,400 kcal/kg, one of the highest on the market, it allows for faster grilling.

Sustainable and ecological

From raw materials to packaging, it is designed for minimal environmental impact

Instructions for use





Cooking time per food type

25-30 min.

10-15 min.

2-3 min.

5 min. per side

15-20 min.

1 min

20 min

3 min.

7 min.

It's a natural product

Technical specifications

Packaging size

17,5 cm (W) x 11,5 cm (D) x 40,5 (H)

Packaging net weight

1.5 kg. subdivided into two internal packs